Mauritius is a country located on the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega and Cargados Carajos archipelago in south-western Indian Ocean. The centre of Mauritius is occupied by an elevated plateau with a number of low mountains. The highest point is the peak of Rivière Noire. Most of the island is flat. Along the coast stretches a broad band of white sandy beaches jagged by small bays. Official language: English. Most of the population speaks French. Currency: Mauritian rupee MUR. Port Louis is the capital of the Republic of Mauritius. The city is located by the facade to the marine bay, and on the sides and back is encircling chain of mountains. Above the town, one of the highest peaks of the country, Peter-Bot is clearly visible. A relatively small town could become a repository of various cultures (French, English, Creole, Chinese and Indian). In the capital of Mauritius are a large number of different places of worship. They are Jammu Mosque built in 1825 which is the object of worship for all Muslims living on the island; Catholic Cathedral of St. Louis; English Church of St. James; Hindu temples; Chinese and Buddhist pagodas. The country earned fame as a place for elite vacation – a lot of luxury hotels, hundreds of kilometres of magnificent beaches surrounded by coconut groves, the special atmosphere of the island and the charm of its inhabitants – all this attracts thousands of tourists to the island. The east coast of the island is considered one of the best holiday destinations – from here, from the area of Vieux Grand Port began the colonization of the island, there is a great variety of landscapes, a strong coral reef stretches almost along the entire coast, continuous light winds from the ocean mitigate the heat, and the number of tourists is not as great as in the north. The main natural attractions of the east coast are considered to be virgin forest Domans du Chasseur and land Ylang Ylang, Montagne du Lyon, waterfalls Grande Rivière Sud-Est in the mouth of the river of the same name, Deer Island and the Devil Cape. From Palmar to Pointe-de-Flac stretches many kilometres of luxurious beach. In the prestigious resort turned the once quiet fishing village of Pointe-de- Flac which magnificent lagoon is surrounded by private beach hotels, golf courses, swimming pools connected by a succession of bridges, dive centres. Although Mauritius is a paradise for beach lovers, there are many places that are worth a visit. By number of interesting attractions per square kilometre, Mauritius is one of the best places in the world. Their list includes Mount Le Morne, Mauritius Aquarium, National Park Black River, the Botanical Garden Pamplemosses, Manor du