The United States of America

(The U.S, the United States) – one of the world’s major powers both in size and in terms of population, the value of GDP, the impact on world politics, and many other factors, rank fourth in the world by land area. A large part of the US (48 states) is located in the central part of the North American continent – the so-called continental US states. State of Alaska is located on the peninsula, in the northwest of North America, State of Hawaii – on Hawaii islands in the Pacific Ocean. The US border with Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. With Russia, the US have a maritime border in Alaska. Due to the vast territory of the country, in the US you can see all the variety of terrain – from lowlands to mountain ranges and climate – from arctic cold to tropical heat. One of the most ethnically diverse and multicultural countries in the world. The US population was formed mainly due to large-scale immigration from many countries and so in the country you can meet people of all races, nationalities and religions. In the US, there is no state language, but in fact the most common and generally accepted language in the United States is English. The United States are a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district (as well as the territories with a special status). The national currency is USD. The capital of the USA is the city of Washington in the Federal District of Columbia. Numerous US sights attract many tourists to the country. Among those the most interesting and most visited there are unique natural sites: Niagara Fall in New York State, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, geysers of Yellowstone National Park on the border of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, historical monuments (such as an unusual rock city of Mesa Verde in Colorado or manor of the first US President George Washington Mount Vernon in Virginia), the original architectural structures (among them are the famous skyscrapers Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, the Brooklyn bridge in New York and ‘Golden Gate’ in San Francisco), and various entertainment facilities – ‘Disneylands’ in Florida and California, Las Vegas casino in Nevada and Atlantic City in New Jersey, the theatres of Broadway, and, of course, the famous Statue of Liberty. Large cities are good for shopping and cross-cultural communication, but for a beach holiday you have to travel to California and Florida. Unchanged leading resort destinations are Hawaii, good coast is also to be found in South Carolina, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia. Festival Las Vegas invites to tickle nerves and plunge into the abyss of passion, Arizona attract travellers by primitive power and majesty of the Grand Canyon. In California and Oklahoma are concentrated most of the Indians living in the US, excursions are held in the territory of the modern reservations and the ancient towns of Incas, Aztecs and Mayan. Sports enthusiasts will be engaged with pleasure in surfing on the seductive beaches of Miami or ride on skis in the ski resorts of Aspen, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Vail and the other in Colorado.

New York is the megalopolis of global significance and the largest city in the US with a population of over 8.3 million people. It is the economic and financial centre of the United States of America, as well as one of the most famous cities in the world. New York City is the centre of a colossal urban agglomeration called the Metropolitan New York located in north-eastern United States on the Atlantic coast. Administratively, the city is divided into 5 districts. This is a sample of might, gigantism and scope, interweaving of cultures and styles, a variety of languages. It is the world’s best examples of art, architecture, music, and fashion. The skyscrapers of New York – Woolworth, Chrysler, Empire State Building, the Seagram, Conde Nast immediately strike any visitor’s eyes. The second reference point which you cannot imagine New York without is Statue of Liberty. It stands on the island of the same name which is located near the museum island Ellis at the mouth of the Hudson River. Next waypoint for almost all tourists is Museum Mile near Hyde Park. It begins with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest art collection in the Western Hemisphere. Broadway is the longest street in the city, known for its numerous theatres and shows. In the area of Financial District are located Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. And of course, it is impossible not to notice the Brooklyn Bridge which connects Manhattan with Brooklyn. At the world-famous Times Square are situated Baltimore Theatre and the largest toy store in the world. Zoo and Botanical Garden are in the Bronx. Rockefeller Center and a series of chic shops are at Fifth Avenue and Madison. Soho is famous for many galleries. Finally, you can enjoy the ‘rural New York’ in a variety of parks: the famous Central, luxurious ‘Pelham Bay’, cosy ‘Fort Tryon.’


Sunny Miami is the largest metropolis in south-eastern United States. It is located in the most populous district of the State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, on the Atlantic coast. Numerous beaches, clubs, restaurants and trendy shops attract here people from all over the world. But Miami is not only an ideal city for entertainment, but also the most important financial and economic centre of the country. It is here based international banks, large corporations and well-known record labels and television studios. Another interesting feature of the city is the composition of the population: about 70% of local residents are Hispanics. Tourists come to Miami to rest and relax on the golden beaches of the Atlantic, dance in nightclubs, wander through the trendy galleries of renowned artists and photographers. The incessant resort city where skyscrapers and business centres coexist with beach houses and villas of celebrities will surely find something for every traveller. The best beaches in Miami are located in the municipality of Miami Beach separated from the ‘big city’ by Biscayne Bay. Most of them are sandy, clean and free. The main ‘chip’ of diving in Miami is artificial coral reefs (some of the best in the world) and many wrecks. Today, surfing has become an integral part of local residents’ life. This is not surprising: absolutely all conditions for comfortable riding on the board have been created here. The mild climate, warm water and practically never calming waves – a perfect picture for all fans of fashionable sport. In Miami, there are several beaches where you can perfectly surf: South Beach, Lyummus Park, South Point Park, Matson Hemmok (paradise for beginners) and North Shore. However, the city has many interesting attractions which are quite possible to combine in a full cultural program. More modern cultural and architectural value of Miami is the mansion of Gianni Versace, the founder of the legendary fashion house. Here remained spectacular handmade murals and a 16-meter swimming pool with a mosaic made of pure gold. One of the recognizable symbols of Miami is bright yellow Freedom Tower built in the style of the Mediterranean Revival. Today, Museum of Modern Art and the offices of Miami-Dade College base here. Miami is ‘the cleanest town in America,’ according to Forbes. This recognition was made possible thanks to the greening of the city, tidied streets, clean air and quality water. The world-famous beaches, festivals and conferences attract in the city more than 12 million tourists annually.