Czech Republic

The Czech Republic 

The Czech Republic is a small country in the very heart of Europe. Snow-covered mountains are washed by mountain rivers. Clean lakes hide in the pine forests. Blue sky hangs over the majestic castles absorbed the spirit of the times. A huge number of interesting historical monuments for a small country is concentrated in the Czech Republic. Its fairy-tale castles and medieval towns, elegant resorts and scenic national parks will delight anyone, even the most ‘finicky’ tourist.

The Czech Republic is famous for its therapeutic spas. The silence of the forests, beauty of the parks, clean air, the healing springs attract people here. Specific climate due to location of the resorts is one of the most important factors for effective treatment at any time of the year. The Czech Republic is a unique country where all the conditions for tourism have been created and everyone who visits it regardless of age and interests is able to find something new and unknown.

Prague The unique architecture of Prague served as a source for the city’s many names. Prague is called the ‘Hundred Spires’ because of the dozens of towers, churches and temples; ‘Mystical’ because of the fascinating gothic, mysterious stories and legends associated with the medieval past, alchemists and astrologers; ‘Green’ because of the large number of urban parks and gardens that beckon by extraordinary beauty and refinement. The heart of Europe, Rome of North, Golden Prague – the Czech capital was awarded such epithets by charmed strangers, it captivated the guests five hundred years ago and turns their heads today. Prague is rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague is known worldwide for its architectural masterpieces most remained in good condition to our days. Prague received its exceptional appearance as far back as in the XIV century, during the reign of Charles IV. The ancient core of Prague is well remained and a unique reserve architectural ensemble. Above the town rises the most significant Czech monument – the Prague Citadel (Hradcany) with Gothic cathedral of St Vitus and the thousand- year Romance Basilica of St Jiří. Prague today is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Karlovy Vary 

When the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV founded Karlovy Vary he could not imagine that establishes a resort that once reached worldwide fame. For the next six centuries, the city experienced the rise and fall depending on whether peace prevailed in Europe or it was engulfed by wars and epidemics. The look of Karlovy Vary was distorted by huge fires and floods; but after each disaster the city grew again as a new and even more beautiful one. The tops of its fame Karlovy Vary reached in the second half of the XIX and early XX centuries. At that time, the city gained its architectural face full of charm in a luxurious frame of the surrounding nature. However, there is one among the indisputable advantages of Karlovy Vary glorified resort to the whole world – its unique mineral springs. Renowned Geyser was sung by the poets of past centuries, a lot of sufferers looked to it with a last hope for a cure. The praise of the resort by many of them who Karlsbad springs returned to life carried worldwide the glory and the good news of the miracle at the Geiser. Today, many patients from Europe and from overseas appreciate high the effect of the Karlovy Vary spa treatment too. Karlovy Vary is a city not only of great beauty and tranquillity, but also you can do shopping at this resort Czech city. The basis of the Karlovy Vary shopping is made by unusual souvenirs, sweets and alcohol most of which you can hardly find in any other country in the world. In Karlovy Vary, there are several wonderful gizmos that can be excellent gifts both for you and loved ones, relatives, friends and acquaintances. These products are unique to Carlsbad only, they display a spirit and atmosphere of the city, and if you choose them as gifts they will become the exclusive Karlovy Vary gifts with a zest.

Marianske Lazne 

Marianske Lazne is one of the largest health resorts of the Czech Republic located in less than an hour drive from Karlovy Vary. The town surrounded by mountains is one of the newest resorts in the country that does not affect the quality of provided services and, as a result, the popularity of the local hospitals among country visitors. The city is situated at an altitude of just over 600 meters above sea level. Beautiful nature, the picturesque mountain scenery, exquisite beauty of the protected Slavkov Forest, rich soil in peat, gases and mineral waters – these are the main therapeutic resources of local health centres. It is noteworthy that before the First World War, the city was the resort well-known in Europe and was named Marienbad. It was visited both by monarchs and European elite. The popularity of recreational rest is high today: tourists come here from all over the world to undergo treatment in the sanatoriums of Marianske Lazne resort. Due to the fact that it houses cold mineral waters unique in their composition and properties, Marianske Lazne has long become one of the most popular health resorts of the Czech Republic. All sources are famous for their mineral acid water which is a long time used successfully for drinking water treatment, a variety of inhalations, the preparation of mineral and carbon baths. In addition, at this health resort are also used such natural healing materials such as mud, peat and natural healing gas with unique properties and nicknamed Mary’s gas. A huge number of people around the world ride annually in Marianske Lazne for treatment. At this point, in the resort of Marianske Lazne is used water from such effective sources for the treatment and rehabilitation.