Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the official capital of the state, administrative centre of the Emirates and the residence of the President. It is the largest of the seven emirates of the total area 67,000 sq km, and 200 islands bordering the Arabian Peninsula relate to it. This emirate is an impressive combination of supermodern urban landscapes and ancient traditions of the East. The capital of the same name is one of the most luxurious cities in the world, where the average temperature is one and a half degrees lower than in the surrounding desert owing to the abundance of greenery. Abu Dhabi was founded in 1761 by nomads who finding here the water decided to settle down and change the habitual way of life turning an oasis into the caravanserai. Successful exploitation of oil and gas fields has allowed investing heavily in the infrastructure of the city, so Abu Dhabi can now be called one of the most exquisite and luxurious cities in the world. A visitor is stricken by abundance of greenery in Abu Dhabi. Surprisingly clean streets, well-furnished embankments, hundreds of fountains, plenty of greenery and parks, a large number of mosques, oriental bazaar – all this is a modern cosmopolitan Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Gulf is a great place for water sports, both fashionable windsurfing and racing on sailing and motor boats. The regattas of traditional fishing dau schooners, rowing competitions on wooden abras (boats) are held regularly. Ten-kilometre embankment Corniche Road has been turned into the largest park area in the East. There is a large part of 90 fountains of the capital, including the most famous (Coffeepot, The Swan, Volcano, Pearl and etc). Rest in Abu Dhabi is also a visit to the artificially created island Lulu which offers the most beautiful view of the new lagoon. And on the other side of the city, you can admire another no less beautiful spectacle – the red sand dunes. The merger of the past, present and future is expressed in the peaceful coexistence of mosques, museums, modern supermarkets, eastern markets, educational institutions, centres of culture and arts. In Abu Dhabi, as in any Muslim city, many mosques have been built. From any point of the city, you can see several whimsically decorated minarets. In Abu Dhabi, it is offered to perform a variety of interesting and varied excursions: you will be offered a ride on a camel and fly in a helicopter, a desert safari with overnight stay under the stars and a ride on sand skiing, visit the camel rides and take part in an exotic night hunting for crabs, shoot in Sheikh’s elite shooting club and fishing in the waters of the Persian Gulf.


Dubai is a well-known centre of trade in the East. It is divided into two large parts by the channel which serves a haven for traditional Arab transport vessels today too. The world-famous Gold Souk demonstrates the dazzling diversity of precious metals and stones pleasing the eye. Dubai is a booming commercial centre with unique conditions for business. It is ideal for exhibitions, conferences, seminars and corporate entertainment. Business trips to Dubai are particularly pleasing because make it possible to combine work with leisure, spend a few days at the seaside resort at any time of the year. Local climate and first-class sports facilities make the emirate an ideal place for those who prefer active recreation. A rare country can boast of such capabilities in the field of sports entertainment as the UAE. First of all, it is, certainly, water and underwater sports of all kinds: from windsurfing to scuba diving. Every year, very notable sporting events occur in Dubai (among the popular sports – golf, tennis, horse races), the prizes of which are large sums of money. Neighbourhood of Dubai, Jumeirah is ideal for a beach holiday – it is a sandy beach of many kilometres with a variety of high-end hotels, including seven-star Burj Al Arab and six-star Jumeirah Beach. Nearby is the Wild Wadi water park with 24 water attractions.

In Dubai, there is an opportunity to practice various sports: air sports, cycle racing, sailing, mountain climbing, water skiing, fishing, hunting, carting, shooting a gun or bow, bowling, billiards, bowling alley, paintball. At the same time, loyal sports fans eager to exotic will discover in Dubai some new features too. Thus, local tour operators can offer you sand skiing or riding on a camel. Family vacation also is not overlooked. The city has many parks and playgrounds, where children can have fun. For a family vacation, it will be interesting to visit Wild Wadi Theme Water Park, which occupies an area of 12 acres – a truly gigantic scale for such a water-short country like the UAE. Next to the water park, another attractive place for young travellers is located – Jumeirah Beach Park, where there are also water attractions, playgrounds, shaded picnic tables and indoor pools.

Ras Al Khaimah 

Ras Al Khaimah is the northernmost and fertile, as well as one of the most beautiful emirates of the UAE. An amazing variety of natural landscapes and natural attractions is presented in a small area of 1,700 sq km. The favourable climate and fertile soil made it a true flowering oasis. This emirate with a population of over 250 thousand people is known for a rich commercial past. Unspoilt natural beauty and breathtaking sceneries of Ras Al Khaimah make the emirate one of the most promising tourist destinations in the UAE. Located on the west coast of the United Arab Emirates, the emirate attracts travellers by gorgeous sandy beaches stretching 64 kilometres and crystal clear blue waters of the Persian Gulf. Guests of the emirate will appreciate opportunities of outdoor activities – from swimming, golf and fishing to desert safari and visit of true Bedouin village. Iceland Water Park where a lot of attractions and entertainment for the whole family are presented will help to escape from the summer heat.